Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Austin Comic Con Shows this Saturday!

Austin Comic Con Presents: HUMAN CENTIPEDE and ALIEN vs. NINJA
Sat, Nov 13 at The Ritz
Advance tickets for HUMAN CENTIPEDE available here
Advance tickets for ALIEN vs. NINJA available here

Comic aficionados unite for the 2010 Austin Comic Con November 12-14! As part of the festivities, we are proud to bring you two kick-ass screenings on Saturday Nov 13.

Don't miss an encore presentation of Tom Six's disturbing (and medically accurate) thriller HUMAN CENTIPEDE, featuring a live Q&A with the actors who portrayed the "centipede". That’s right: Ashley C. Williams, Ashlynn Yennie and Akihiro Kitamura, the three performers who form the “human centipede” in Tom Six’s maniacal mad scientist masterpiece will be live in person at the theater to answer your questions! I'm sure everyone can think of a few questions they would like to ask them, myself included.

Also playing as part of the "Con", is the terribly awesome (terrible + awesome) film ALIEN VS. NINJA. Like some kind of ultra-stupid, ultra-gory version of the Mighty Moronic Power Rangers, AvN is the kind of boneheaded movie that does exactly what it says on the box. There are ninjas, and they fight an alien and by the end so many buckets of gore have been emptied, so many prop swords have been soaked in green alien gunk and so many copyright laws have been violated that the entire Dumb Movies Genre needs to go on vacation.

Grab your tickets to HUMAN CENTIPEDE here
Grab your tickets to ALIEN vs. NINJA here

Check out the full lineup of programming happening during Austin Comic Con here

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